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Hi, my name is Rennie and I operate under the name of  "Rennie's Rose Red Poodles".  I have been involved in breeding these wonderful little creatures for well over the past twenty years.

This is a family venture and is now operated by my father, my husband and myself.  We have involved the whole family in the past as my then school age children and grandchildren were always active in socializing the puppies.  At one time, my then 96-year-old mother-in- law helped with the grooming, and my son-in-law was in charge of maintenance and repair.

         My daughter Marsi resides in the San Diego area of California and continues to maintain her focus on the miniature-sized poodles.  (visit her website at WEST COAST POODLES)  This allows me to concentrate my efforts solely on the toy breed and between us we are able to cover the two most sought poodle sizes.

Over the past few years I have encountered many other breeders, and have worked with a few.   Over time some have helped me greatly and without mentioning any of them by name I hope they realize I am extremely grateful.  We shared information, assisted each other with sales, and in some cases we even shared  bloodlines.  Regardless, in all cases we were able to work together as friends and not competitors because we embraced the common objective of building absolutely the best possible poodles.


       Bedtime with a Human

     Our Executive Director of 
            Puppy Socialization 

In the paragraphs that follow are the features that we believe set us
(Rennie's Rose Red Poodles) apart from other breeders of toy poodles.

    We have discovered that  while many other breeders make the claim that their dogs are "home raised" generally such is not the case.   In contrast, none of our dogs are raised in cages.  Although they are separated into small groups in various areas of our home, each one gets time on the couch, a trip in the car,  outdoor family playtime, countless other family activities, and last but not least,  bedtime with one of our humans.

    We believe that the acquisition of a poodle is nearly akin to an adoption, because they are such loving "little people in dog suits".   Further, we have discovered that they all have special personalities that need to be matched to their new owners.  This approach has been most successful, as many of our customers have become close friends, several  have visited our home, and all will be pleased to provide you with a positive reference.

    Speaking of references, our best ones are our veterinarians Three of them to be exact.  In fact one of them said, "if reincarnation happens, I want to come back as a poodle at your house!"  They are eager to provide our prospective owners with an insight into the quality, general health, and soundness of our lines.   They also will attest to our level of commitment into only raising the "best of the best".

    We also provide each new owner with all materials necessary to register the new puppy with either the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the United Kennel Club (UKC).   Registration is very important to insure that every puppy is from documented parentage, and will allow you to see  the pedigree of your puppy.

    We pay extra attention to detail, therefore our record keeping is meticulous, and our home  is maintained in a scrupulously clean condition.

    We believe strongly in socializing these puppies, we spend time with all of the  dogs every day, and pay particular attention to the puppies.  As mentioned earlier, my young daughter and my grandchildren spend time playing with the puppies, and as a result they are totally suited for a family environment.

    We  take great pride in our operation, and enjoy visitors.  However, to protect the health and well being of the animals, there are some sanitary precautions that may have to be observed.   Also, certain conditions (several females in labor or with newborns) will prevent visitors at certain times.  Please realize that being denied a visit is nothing personal, it may be simply a scheduling issue.

    We offer a 5 year health guarantee covering all genetic problems.  Most inherited disorders become apparent in the first 5 years of the dogs life.  Beyond that point you are approaching  the geriatric phase and we do not cover old age associated disabilities. Details regarding the terms of our warranty can be found on our ordering page.

    Just like you, we are appalled by watching the horror stories so often portrayed on programs, such as "20-20", "Sixty Minutes", and a variety of programming on "Animal Planet".  We all must realize that there are varying degrees of "puppy mills" out there.   We are members of the ASPCA, and the Humane Society of the US, and have made the  commitment to improve the welfare of all pet animals by putting that kind of  breeder out of business.   We plead with you to  join us in this effort!

    Finally, we love these little animals and so enjoy providing a nurturing atmosphere that can allow each puppy to develop as a loving, loyal and well socialized little friend.

    Whether you choose to adopt a puppy from us or purchase one from another breeder, we would encourage you "to get the facts" before you buy.  Investigate each breeder thoroughly, because it is easy to misrepresent the facts on the internet.  For example, genetic defects will rarely be identified in a health exam prior to receipt, as some defects only occur later in the animal's life.  Therefore, the reputation of the breeder is imperative.

      You should know that over the past few years there were fleeting moments when I questioned my own sanity for ever considering taking on the role of a poodle breeder.  However, I must share with you what truly makes me want to get up every morning...the possibility that one of these puppies could become a therapy dog! 


    If you are searching for a very high quality toy poodle puppy, send us an e-mail message, expressing your interest,  your search can truly stop here!


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